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Top 5 Science News Stories (2/3/17)

Picture by Frans de Waal, Emory University – Own work, based on Chimp_face.pngHuman and Chimp: Can Our Genes Tell the Story of Our Divergence? PLoS Biology Vol. 3/6/2005, e202










End your day with a big bang, each week our office compiles a list of our favorite science related news stories. Whether it be health, climate change, climatology or quantum physics we help you to grow your brain. Continue reading “Top 5 Science News Stories (2/3/17)”


Top 5 Science News Stories (1/27/17)

Ladakh Monastery by The original uploaderĀ  Michael Hardy at English Wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by Leoboudv using CommonsHelper., CC BY 2.0,

Each week, I plan to give you my Top 5 favorite science related news stories. These features will provide a brief synopsis of what the article is about and a link. I hope you enjoy Continue reading “Top 5 Science News Stories (1/27/17)”


I am not a scientist, I am a journalist by trade and training. Continue reading “About”

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